Roof failure happens when we neglect to look after our roofs. And inadequate ventilation is the top problem for roofs in the Kansas City Area. Weather in Kansas varies with snow, rain, and wind as common throughout the state. While summers are generally warm, humidity is still on the moderate side.

Behind many common roofing problems lie errors in materials, design and improper maintenance. The way a roof failure happens can tell why the problem occurred. Attics that have inadequate ventilation allow moisture and heat to remain trapped and create potential roof problems such as deterioration, mildew, and wood rot.

The effect of ventilation on the roofing system is so big that most shingle manufacturers take out their warranties if the shingles are installed in attics that are improperly ventilated. To prevent potential damage to your precious home and protect your finances, it is important for homeowners in Kansas City to understand the basics of roofing ventilation.

Choosing the best roofing installation company like Roofing KC is critical. We know the components needed to make sure your home’s attic or rafter system is adequately ventilated. There must be balanced intake and exhaust vents. When we do on-site visits, we always check for ventilation. We calculate the number of vents required depending on the attic space available.

How Does Attic Condensation Occur?

Condensation is defined as when water vapor cools down and turns liquid. This process can happen inside buildings or homes and leads typically to moisture build-up, damage and eventually, deterioration. Condensation occurs when there is extreme interior humidity, and the temperature inside a building is at or below the required dew point temperature. In most cases, condensation can be worse that it can be mistaken for a leak in the roof.

Condensation formed inside the building or at home can be caused by the regular use of washing machines, bathtubs, swimming pools, humidifiers, and tumble dryers, among others. This can be eliminated by:

  • Decreasing or eliminating the origin of the moisture
  • Increase the temperature the surfaces inside
  • Install adequate ventilation
  • Choosing the Best Type of Ventilation

Attic ventilation is crucial for any roofing installation project. When the attic is well-ventilated, it helps to increase the lifespan of the roof and minimizes problems. Adequate ventilation removes the heat and moisture from the attic. When heat and moisture are trapped, it can increase energy costs, create ice dams, and eventually damage the roofing system components. It could also damage the structure and some personal items placed inside the attic.

The most reliable type of attic ventilation for most residential and commercial properties takes place when cool air can penetrate in the attic through fascia intake vents or soffit. These vents are commonly installed behind the gutter and can be seen from the ground up. Proper roof ventilation consists of a balanced proportion of intake and exhaust for maximum air circulation.

Roofing KC for Attic Ventilation

When determining the proper ventilation for your roofing system, Roofing KC has the expertise you can rely on. We will calculate the ventilation space require and provide you with the options for the best ventilation equipment to match these needs. Contact us to learn more about the condition of your roofing system and the proper ventilation you need.