Famous People from Olathe, Kansas

I am pretty sure you are one of those people who feel proud when someone from your city have become well known or achieved something great. You feel somehow that your community has contributed on their achievement. There is nothing with that right? As the saying goes, be proud of your own.

Do you know there are lots of famous people from Olathe, Kansas? Yes, Olathe is rich with well known people. Let’s go over with some famous people from Olathe, Kansas.

  1. William Alden Edson– was a scientist and engineer OPD Police Officer. He has lots of discoveries and specializes in oscillators, radar antenna and microwave.
  2. Charles H. Zimmerman- an aeronautical engineer with notable experiment in aircraft programs. He created few prototype aircraft models.
  3. Jennifer Bertrand- if often watch HGTV shows, then you probably know her. Bertrand is the host of HGTV’s Paint over, where she showcases her talent in decorative painting and murals.
  4. Michael McMillian- is a TV and movie actor. He notable for his role in HBO’s True Blood as Steve Newlin, co -star with Hillary Duff in Beauty in a Briefcase. He also a creator and comic book writer, Lucid.
  5. Shanna Hogan- if you are a real bookworm, you must know Hogan. She became known for her New York Times bestselling book, Picture Perfect.
  6. Dan Ryckert- is a video game journalist (yes, video game). He broke two Guinness World Record after playing two gaming marathon.
  7. Darren Sproles- is a former NFL player. His football career started way back in High School. He just recently retired due to injury. However, he lived a very rewarding and fruitful career. Had received numerous awards and set great records.
  8. Willie Cauley-Stein- another sports star from Olathe. He is professional NBA center player. He played for Kentucky Wildcats in his college years and played for Sacrament Kings from 2018 up to present.
  9. Steve Fisher- is a professional snowboarder. He wins the 2004 and 2007 Winter X Games. He was once ranked #1 half pipe in the US.
  10. Johnny Dare aka John William Caprefoli- you probably familiar with him as you always heard him on the radio of your car. He is a famous radio personality. Host of The Johnny Dare Morning Show for 98.9 The Rock. He is also the host for the annual rock festival, Rockfest in Kansas.


There are still more famous people in Olathe, Kansas but there are the top most. Are you from Olathe, Kansas? We never know you might be one of them in the future.


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