Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop-Farm

Located in the center of Olathe Kansas, the Mahaffie stagecoach stop & farm is the perfect place to experience the history and culture of the Kansas frontier. The Santa Fe Trail is home to many of the country’s most famous stagecoaches, and Mahaffie is no exception. Guests of all ages are invited to explore Mahaffie’s rich history and enjoy a variety of activities that capture the essence of the frontier life of the 1860s. Whether you’re looking for a farmhouse, a stagecoach station, or simply a place to listen to the sounds and stories of the Kansas stagecoach, you’ll find it here.

Every day in Mahaffie is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the past and go on an adventure. Whether it’s a ride in an authentic stagecoach or a chance to interact with period livestock, there’s always something new to explore. The Living History programs, offered on specific days of the year, provide an in-depth look at frontier life through live demonstrations and interactive displays.

The Heritage Center is the entrance to Mahaffie’s historic grounds. Here, you’ll find the exhibits and visitor amenities you need to experience the area’s rich history. The center is also the perfect venue for private events like weddings and parties, adding a touch of historical charm and elegance to each event.

If you’re interested in agriculture, you’ll want to check out the Agricultural Heritage Barn. This barn gives you an inside look at the prosperous farm the Mahaffies ran during the Civil War. You’ll learn about traditional farming techniques and better understand the farm’s rich heritage. Mahaffie’s history dates back to 1857 when James B. Mahaffie and his wife Lucinda purchased the farm site. They were well-known for their hospitality, providing a place to rest and eat for travelers and passengers on their stagecoach rides. The arrival of the railroad in 1869 marked a significant turning point for Mahaffie farm. It brought an end to the stagecoach era, a time when the farm thrived under the Mahaffies’ care. However, even with this change, Mahaffie Farm continued to prosper, remaining a respected local community member. After the Mahaffies retired in the 1880s, ownership of the farm changed several times until it was saved by Olathe City in 1979.

Today, Mahaffie is a living testimony to the importance of preserving frontier life. It is recorded as an essential site on the Santa Fe National Historic Trail and a partner site on Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area. With twenty acres of original farmland intact, Mahaffie shows visitors a unique opportunity to engage in the history of the Mahaffie family and their long-standing legacy along the Kansas frontier.

The Mahaffie stagecoach stop and farm are open Monday through Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm, and admission fees and schedules vary by season. The historic grounds offer a wide range of fun activities and attractions for all ages.

You can visit the Heritage Center on a weekday in April and May and explore the grounds. Adult admission is $3; children 5-11 years old are $2; and children under four are admitted free of charge. On Saturdays, you can enjoy additional Living History activities from the 1860s. These include Stagecoach rides, blacksmith demonstrations, and tours of the “Mahaffie House.” Saturday admission is $9 per adult and $7 per child 5-11 years of age. Discounts are available for residents of Olathe.

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From 1 June to 2 September, Wednesday through Saturday, Mahaffie offers regular living history activities including Stagecoach Rides, Blacksmith Demonstrations, and Tours of Mahaffie House. Activities run from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily. Mondays and Tuesdays during that time frame offer standard visits to Mahaffie’s Heritage Center and Agri-Heritage Livestock Barn. No living history activities are available on Saturdays. During September and October, Mahaffie offers weekday visits to its Heritage Center, Agri Barn, and grounds as usual. Admission prices are the same as they are in April and May. On Saturday visits, you’ll find the same 1860s Living History activities that you will find in the summer months. Admission fees and discounts are as usual.

Start your day at the Heritage Center, where you’ll park, pay for admission, and pick up a map for the day’s activities. Check out the displays and watch a brief video about Mahaffie’s Farm, then browse the gift shop’s Mahaffie market for souvenirs before taking a leisurely walk to the grounds of Mahaffie. Here, you’ll be able to admire the beautiful limestone farmhouse built by James ‘Beatty Mahaffie in 1865 and participate in seasonal activities on the grounds.

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