Popular Annual Events in Olathe, Kansas


Going a trip to Olathe, Kansas? Planning ahead your activities will help you to make most of your visit to Olathe. But when is the best time to visit Olathe? What kind of events you can enjoy there? Don’t fret anymore! We will dive into the things you can do and explore at specific time of the year in Olathe, Kansas.


The festive atmosphere starts in March in Olathe. Are you a meat lover? If yes, you will definitely love the annual Olathe BBQ Championship. More than fifty team will compete to win the bragging rights for the best barbeque in the entire Olathe city.  There will be chicken, pork ribs and beef brisket. Yum!


You will have more healthy options in April where the Farmers Market season emerges. There are two locations where it takes place, Stagecoach Park and Black Bob Park. You cannot only buy fruits and vegetable buts you can fill your stomach with sumptuous delicacies and empty your wallet with lots of great products.


If eating and shopping is not your thing, then you might enjoy a night of good music. Starting from June, Olathe Live showcases great music and entertainment from different artists and bands. This is takes place until the month of September. This event will not only entertainment people but also for cause. All proceed will go to the charity and the community of Olathe.


Love the outdoor? Camping season also start in June. Grab your tent, cooking gear and don’t forget your Family. Enjoy cooking hotdogs, toasting marshmallow (most of time burning it) and just simply enjoy chatting with your loved ones at Black Bob Park. Want to take a dip? Swim your lungs out at the Black Bob Bay.


Another addition of many events in June is the Olathe’s Annual Fishing Derby. So ready your bait, fishing poles and lots of patience. There is also the Annual Kids Fishing Derby where kids can also enjoy fishing (with help from Dads probably). Fishing is not the only thing you can do in this event; you can also enjoy eating and chatting with other families there.


Are you the sporty type? Then the annual Olathe Charity 5K Run will surely bring the inner Usain Bolt in you. There will be categories for kids and adult. This event not only spread awareness about health but also brings the community together to support multiple organizations. This event usually happens around the month of August.


There are also some things that are available to do all year round. You can visit and appreciate arts in the Ensor Park Museum and the Downtown Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit. Learn the history of Olathe by visiting Mahaffie Stagecoach Shop and Farm Historic site. Or appreciate nature by exploring Ernie Miller Park and Nature Center.


You will never run out of things to do just plan your trip wisely. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and bring your family to Olathe, Kansas.


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